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Gmail tricks that you need to know

Handle a large volume of emails can be stressful. If your inbox has neither a minute of respite it is important you know well all the gmail tricks:

Most users do not use many of the advanced features of the Google Mail service. We bring 8 Gmail tricks with which you can speed up the process of checking email and maintain a more orderly Inbox.

gmail tricks

Respond and archive a message
This trick is especially for all those who like to see her clear inbox. Every time you answer a message will automatically be filed in the folder “All” you can find in the left side menu.

First you have to enable this feature from the settings in the “Send & Archive” section.

Then you will see in all your answers two buttons: one only for send and another for send and archive.

Undo sending an email
Have you not noticed that you did not have to send that message? If you’re quick you can still fix it.

Activates the undo function sending an email from the settings tab, and choose the time that this option is active: 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

You need to be quick! You cannot undo the sending of a message that you sent several hours ago.

Send automatic reply
With this trick you can reply to a message automatically to all people who write to you. It is perfect for various situations:

  • You’ve gone on vacation or traveling, and want to warn that you cannot check email until your return.
  • You have a new email address.
  • You want to send an acknowledgment to all the people who write to you.

Enter your automatic response and choose the dates during which it will be active.

Send attachments up to 10GB
Sending large attachments has always been a big problem of the email. With Gmail it fixes since it uses Google Drive to host the files.

When you need to send large attachments click the Drive button and then click “Submit”.

Enable or delete Gmail tabs
For some gmail users tabs are a blessing. For others, do nothing but complicate the management of mail.

Do not worry, whatever your case has settlement. Click on ‘Configure Inbox’ and choose the tabs that you want to have in your inbox.

Know if someone else has access to your account
If security is a concern for you first thing you should do is change your password to a more secure. In addition you can see if other people have entered your email by scrolling to the bottom of Gmail. There you will see when there was the last activity on your account together with details of devices that have accessed to it.

Use predefined answers
It is very annoying to have to write the same message over and over again. To avoid this there is a Gmail feature called “Canned Responses” you can activate from the Labs section of the settings.

With the standard answers you can save texts that you use frequently so be automatically copied on the message that you want.

Create an event in your calendar from an email
Use this feature so that you do not forget anything that you have to do. From any mail, click “Create Event”, your Google Calendar account opens with a new event with the subject of the email by name.