SEO Strategy

How to avoid Google penalty

The SEO is very fashionable and all kinds of companies and freelances have been launched to use it to increase their web traffic. And, although this is good news, the bad news is that a lot of people do all kinds of actions that penalize them to Google.

avoid google penalty

What is causing a Google penalty? How can we avoid a penalty in SEO? We told you below about the errors that should be avoided.

Never write duplicate content
What more annoys to Google is the duplicated or copied content. Note that Google uses “robots” to scan all web pages and, if it has to analyze the same things 2 times, do not do much grace.

For this reason if you copy the contents of another website Google will penalize you almost automatically. It will detect what is the oldest content and penalized you not only for that content but generally across the entire web.

Do not buy low quality links
The purchase or exchange of links was not long ago the most simple and direct way to get improves the SEO of a website. And, in fact, short-term is working pretty well. The problem is that long-term it is to dig a grave for your project.

Links from low quality or that come from “suspect” sites for Google the only thing they do is that your web also appears to be “suspicious” for them. Think that the authority of that page is transferred through a link, so you are transmitting all that “negative authority”.

If you want to buy links do it, but buy good and quality links. And do not abuse them, because if you buy too many in a short space of time could have problems also.

Avoid saturating your web ads
If your website is an agglomeration of ads, banners and all sorts of aggressive advertising Google will penalize you. Google likes quality content that responds to the user’s search, not the content that only seeks to get money and achieve profitability in return.

You can use advertising, but do so responsibly. If your web becomes an advertising showcase most likely get nothing ever position in the top positions.

Do not abuse keywords
If you want to position a web page for the word “attorney” you do not have to use the word 500 times in it. This practice, called keyword stuffing, makes no sense and is one that Google detects faster.

If necessary and makes sense to use the word 500 times, do so. But if it does so only by force to appear and try to improve its position in search results, all you will get is a nice SEO penalty.

Beware of broken links
Broken links are links that lead to a page that does not exist. For example, if you wrote an article and mentioned to another page that disappeared have a broken link on its website. As if that link to a home page which later he changed the URL.

Check your broken links with Google Webmaster Tools and resolve them as soon as possible. The greater the number of broken links, the greater the possibility that Google will penalize you for not taking care of your web page.

Do not play with Google
SEO has many hats (white, gray and black), but if you are not an expert in the subject we recommend not to put any more than white. Dare to be black without knowing too much about it and it will only achieve that Google penalize you.