How to Create a Community on YouTube

Do you have a YouTube channel but you feel that your strategy is missing something? Do you upload videos regularly but end up not seeing results?

community on YouTube

It is possible that your videos are good but not ending to generate an active community around them.

The importance of a community on YouTube
First you must understand that YouTube does not work like television. The connection established between the creator of a YouTube channel and his followers is much narrower. In addition, fans have more options to interact by sharing the video, commenting or even creating other videos in response. In short, the YouTube audience can be very active and this is a feature that all YouTube creators should encourage.

Create a community goes beyond achieving subscribers, although this is a first step. By creating a community seeks greater relationship and interaction between the creator and the audience, the goal is that viewers feel part of something.

How to create a community on YouTube

Asks the audience to subscribe
To begin creating a community is important to having subscribers that show your videos with regularity. For this reason it is best to ask users to subscribe, and so will update all your new videos. Do not forget to add a call to action in all your creations to promote subscriptions.

Respond to comments
Do not let your audience talking alone. Respond to comments and show them that you care about their opinion and you’re willing to listen to them.

Explain your mission
Do you want to make people laugh? Do you share your knowledge to help others? Would you like to share your experiences on a particular topic? It is important to have this clear and explain it to your audience. This way the users of YouTube will know why you are different and they should see your videos.

You can incorporate that message on the channel trailer, in the information or even repeat it in your videos.

Get users to participate in your videos
Think of ways to integrate your audience in your next creations. For example:

  • Creates video with a topic that have proposed someone in a comment (and without forgetting to mention who proposed it) or
  • Answers questions
  • Ask for help to users, for example by sharing the video, mobilized by some cause, giving information…