How to create a successful campaign on Facebook

If your actions on Facebook are not delivering the results that you expected, it’s time to optimize! Discover the best tips to achieve all your goals in this article.

It is hard to find now a social network that does not have an integrated marketing system. The wear of the years made Facebook has lost some of the influence it had in the past. Nevertheless, it still remains the best social platform to promote your business and get benefits.

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The problem is that not all companies know how to maximize the potential advantages. Not have a strategy or not knowing the resources that it provides, it leads to spending a lot of money without having the success that was originally expected. But do not worry! With these tips you will get stand out of that pattern and achieve the goal that you were looking for.

5 tips for your campaigns on Facebook

Extracts information by measuring the audience
One of the best tools you have available to study your target audience is Audience Insights. This lets you know how the audience of Facebook and do an analysis before risking your budget in the task of recruitment.

Thanks to this platform, you will get a very accurate statistics about your fans where you can find out first-hand how people follow your page is. It is a largely taking step not to go blindly and know what type of user will be more open to your ideas and proposals. This will save you money and time by focusing on the quality of your marketing campaign.

Create unique content for each audience
One of the strongest points that Facebook takes as a platform is that you can create different campaigns for every type of audience. This means you can make two disparate ads and deliver them to two different, heterogeneous groups together. Or if you prefer, you can have a single ad but send it to two opposite sectors to see what the responses obtained in one and other.

If you have a product that can be sold to different groups of people it is a very good technique. Imagine that market technology components where the range of possibilities is very wide. On the one hand you will create a campaign centered on the professional field to capture the attention of this type of workers.

You will also want to get the approval of the people at home, normal user. Each campaign will be different in order to create an incentive for them, but the result of both is the same: to sell the same product.

Link the ad to a landing page
It is not advisable to link a notice directly to the website of your company. A Landing Page allows you to maximize your efforts and save money as well as getting information on the public interested in your product.

You can create these pages to allow users to download or watch offers other products that are within your marketing campaign on Facebook. You can offer them something of value and convert a high percentage of your visitors into leads, this being the first step for sale.

Use striking images
The Web has lots of information on how to write on Facebook, i.e. how you should write your messages when you do a campaign. But almost no one talks about the images. The reality is that people are not fixed in the text if there is something they enter through the eyes first. The visual content is more influential than the written.

Uses a striking image that captures the public’s attention, inviting read what the ad says. It should not be too exaggerated because it will cause the opposite effect.

The design must also apply to the texts you have on the web or your own messages. Each 200-300 words should include a photograph to give value to the content.

Establish a strategy and budget
It is the key point to make everything work properly, because otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and spending too much money on something that will not bring you benefits.

A good tool for this, especially in the beginning when you’re not sure how to operate, is the Optimized CPM. This service shows your ad to the people most likely to perform the action you have in mind without spending more than set in the budget, so you do not have to worry about the final amount.

Create a marketing campaign on Facebook means understanding the platform, its users and use the tools you have at hand. You always have to be clear who the potential customers and how much you want to spend in total.

It is also important to know that this social network is constantly moving and can change from one day to another, as well as advertising models. Staying updated and always flexible will anticipate to these potential future problems.

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