How to increase the number of followers on Twitter

Twitter is characterized as one of the most agile social networking and more attached to today. In Twitter everything happens very quickly, so not enough to have opened a profile on this social network to dominate it are required some knowledge to be effective in such a short time.

increase twitter followers

One of the things about a brand on Twitter are the followers, it is difficult to get, in that we agree, but more difficult is to get quality followers who remain with us, they are interested in what we offer and more if it fits, to prove interacting with our brand.

When someone considers following us, the first thing to look at will be the counter of followers of our profile, it is our first opportunity to demonstrate confidence so we cannot utilize it, and here are some tips:

Use hashtags. Especially those who are tweet, but be careful, must be sure where we are going to publish. Our recommendation is that first you click on the label to see which line to follow the tweets published, and following this observation you will make a decision. It is a recommended technique because visits to profiles that publishing a tendency of multiply considerably compared to the rest. You have to keep in mind that your tweets should not move away from the intention of the hashtag or your intention as a trademark. They may also be useful to follow the events that take place in your sector, among whose audience probably find your potential followers.

Generates flexible and short content on time. In Twitter everything is ephemeral, a tweet can last hours or minutes, can not act like we would in a contest that may last a month. That is, the moment of greatest activity and impact is short but the messages endure forever in our timeline. In addition, the nature of this social network we recommend providing relevant content, brief and dynamic.

Instead of creating a new audience, making use of already existing one. It is also advisable to participate in the talks, this can be very helpful to win customers without being intrusive, it is a process much more natural than traditional campaigns based on aggressive and invasive advertising.

Invest in the design. Prepare your profile for the public. Play with your avatar, the cover photo and background to show at a glance what you offer. Add your personal information and links to your website.

Offers to your followers the content that interests them. The main reasons that users follow the brands to find out about products, to obtain discounts and to see reviews. With this in mind you can offer them what they want.

Take time to find people to whom want to pursue. Using advanced searches, by tags, words, places etc. selects those accounts that interest you by what they say and think because they offer quality content. Also strive to find people who might be interesting to follow. Do not do follow-unfollow indiscriminately because it does not get real followers, only increase the number, what you want is to form a loyal audience and with your same interests.

Take advantage of the images and the links in tweets as it have a greater impact among the public and report a higher number of visitors.

Makes it easy to find you. The user has to do the least work, think what can wonder a person who should be look for your services and put those keywords in your tweets.

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