Tips to increase participation on Facebook

Since its founding in 2004, Facebook has grown to be considered the queen bee of social networks worldwide. With more than 1500 million users it is a tool for advertising and promotion without precedent and a window of our image abroad. Getting interact with users will enable us to meet our needs, define our goals and empower our results.

increase participation on facebook

The importance of time: At the time of making your post constantly, devotes at least one post daily or you will lose credibility. The ideal is to make three or four, especially between late afternoon and early evening. Do not saturate the advertising network, since it generates rejection and can lead to the dreaded unfollow.

Interact: Keep a list of feedback, analyze who your followers and what their interests are, what motivates them and excites them. There is nothing like most users that talk about themselves, take advantage and make it an advantage to know your potential buyers.

You can create an image of closeness through photos, anecdotes and experiences; you should also encourage users to share theirs, ask directly and generate debates. Never forget to answer all comments and suggestions and share those that show positive experiences. Remember that the best advertising is what ordinary people do!

Take advantage of resources: Use multimedia content, video and images, as is shown receiving 84% more links, also can use quote and phrases from admired characters that are related to your business and define your spirit or take advantage of “top of mind” for timely publications of a current topic that interest at that time.

Perform contests: Nothing motivates more participation that think they can get something in return. Promotions and discounts increase user feedback by 34% and are a good way to awaken interest in your products. If you mention the winners you’ll feel special and will improve participation in future competitions.

Provides a unique and quality content: In short, differentiate yourself, get to show the public that you are able to give them something unique. Your page should not be just a place to sell, but an oasis of interest content to your followers.

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