How to Promote your Youtube Channel

Did you know that Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world? According to the company, is uploading 300 hours of video… every minute!

Therefore competition to win a loyal audience on YouTube is fierce, especially if we talk about small businesses with limited resources for creation of the videos or for promotional resources.

promote youtube channel

So we want to share with you a few tips on how to promote your YouTube channel.

The importance of a good story
Before you start promoting your Youtube channel, it is very important to understand that your videos are the main factor that will determine the success of your channel. But the key is not so much have many technical means for recording or editing, but have good ideas.

We all like to be told a good story. The basis of a good Youtube channel is to transform the contents in stories that fascinate and catch the visionaries, so that share them spontaneously.

Whenever you promote a new video, think about how you can give a more human touch to what you want to show.

Youtube promotion techniques

Use online and offline tools
If you created a Youtube channel is very likely also count on the presence on other social networks. Use it to spread your new channel.

Also, think about what offline resources you can use to promote your channel:

  • A display that emits your videos in your place
  • References in your catalogs or promotional material to your videos
  • QR codes in physical spaces that link with the channel
  • Youtube logo on cards or t-shirts.

Creates a trailer
Viewing times of Youtube are becoming shorter, and if we do not catch our audience in a few seconds we will lose forever.

The trailer serves to communicate briefly that we will provide later and generates expectations. The trailer can be used in two ways:

  • As an independent video: a preview of the content that you’re preparing, until you climb to the platform
  • In other videos, at the beginning.

Allows you to insert your videos into web pages
If you do not allow users to insert your videos on web pages or blogs you are limiting the possibilities to reach new users.

Insert badges on your website with link to your YouTube channel
This is very basic, but sometimes we forget. The best way to achieve that show your youtube channel is announcing it through your website, through permanent links and clearly visible.

Includes comprehensive product descriptions
This is an advice for the channels that work specifically with products in their videos. If that is in your case, includes all the possible information about the product in question within the video tags. Brand, model, model number, specifications…

Start with short videos
Videos under 3 minutes work better on Youtube. It is not impossible to achieve videos that engage with a longer duration, but if you’re starting better bet for short videos.

Also, if you include calls to action, try not to leave it for the end of the video, since as the seconds you will be losing audience.

SEO on Youtube
In Youtube you can also do SEO to promote our videos go among the first to perform a search. There are numerous tricks to improve SEO:

  • Rename the file with a relevant title before uploading, instead of using names like “”
  • Writes a catchy title with appropriate keywords
  • Includes a variety of labels, including plurals, words with accents
  • Complete video description.