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How to Start a Podcast With No Audience?

Back in the old days, when I first started podcasts, I would get 10 thousands of downloads within a couple of days. But starting a podcast and having audiences is not that easy, but not impossible. I know you have zero followers; friends, family, and fans don’t want to listen to you, which is pretty discouraging for you.

Well, fret not, my friend! Many of the audience won’t be fans of you before launching your podcast. So, don’t fear; all you need are brilliant ideas and building a dedicated listener base. And that’s why I am here to help you how to start a podcast with no audience.

Here I’ll provide tips and strategies on starting a podcast for beginners and how to grow your own listenership naturally. Let’s dive in and get started!

Start Podcast With No Audience

Is it Possible to Start a Podcast Without an Audience?

Look, there’s no one who started a podcast with millions of followers unless they are popular on other social media. So “can you start a podcast without a following?” is a backdated question to me. While you are thinking of a big established audience to grow your podcast, the truth is completely the other way around. Instead, podcasts will attract people to follow you on other social media sites.

You should refrain from thinking about how big a podcast others are holding because the proper advertisement and quality of your content will eventually attract an audience.

Launch your podcast: A guide to Build your Podcast with Zero Audience

60% of the new podcasters feel insecure about building a podcast audience. So, break down my suggestions here step by step. Because not your ear-soothing voice or pleasing presentation is going to provide you audiences.

Get the Niche You are Passionate About

You all know what it means to choose a niche. It is a topic with a good range of topics to discuss. Think about what you like to say in front of people. If it concerns sports, politics, or anything else, just go for it. Selecting a niche where you have few ideas is enough to destroy your future plans on podcasts.

Sometimes, we have a blank head about our niche. In that case, search podcasting groups on social media and ask about a good topic to hold a podcast. Keep this in mind.

  • You must have to have good knowledge about the Podcast niche.
  • Don’t forget to research your niche in apple podcasts and google podcasts.
  • Simple but natural podcast names attract many audiences, as they can connect the name.

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Discover the Perfect Format for the Podcast

Podcast format means the schedule of your podcast and the structure.

Schedule: The schedule format is crucial because no audience will find it easy to understand you’ll drop the episodes haphazardly. If you release your podcast every day, then it’s fairly okay.

Yet, most of the new podcasters don’t do it; they take at least 3-7 days’ time. So, tell each episode when you are going to leave the next episode.

Structure: On the other hand, hosting format means how many guests will you have in every episode or will it be a monologue format? The conversational/co-hosted format is the most popular podcast format. For multiple guests, we say it is in panel podcast format.

When the audience will have a clear idea about both the schedule and the hosting format, your podcast will look pretty organized.

Craft your Listener’s Persona

Listener’s persona in podcasts helps us to get a better idea about the targeted audience. Who is the listener you want to speak for? What is their motivation to listen to your brand new podcast? What’s the barrier they face to listening to your podcast? And what type of content do your listeners mostly like among your few episodes?

Listener’s persona means to answer these or related questions in your podcast profile. What it does is, it makes the new audience understand how down to earth you are with the listeners.

Podcast Perfection: Ensure the Quality with These Proven Techniques

The podcast quality must have to maintain a uniform process. It’s not like you hold a podcast episode maintaining all the quality and the rest of the episodes don’t meet the quality standard you set for your podcast. You must meet the standard on every occasion.

Finding the Ultimate Recording Spot

Recording spot doesn’t only mean a noise-less place, the modern podcasts are mostly in video, and so the spot where you are recording the podcast plays a vital role. If it is a monologue podcast, then the soundproof room is enough.

However, if you have guests, I suggest having a professional studio or at least some decorations. Once your spot is final, try to use specialized directional microphones. If you can’t afford a professional studio, at least ensure soft surfaces around the walls, to stop sound from echoing.

podcast guests

Choosing the Right Guest

When the time comes to give your focus to the guest, try to get out of the shackle and look over to the popular podcast circuit. Make sure the podcast guests have that quality to keep engaging the podcast audience and speak relevantly to your niche.

Get a Professional Intro Sound

There will be thousands of ways to improve your podcast, but few things will always attract new and old audiences. Introduction sound is one of them. A professional and good intro sound sets the tone of your show and grabs the listener’s attraction.

There are quite a few places where you’ll get royalty-free music. The music with creative commons licenses won’t make the sound unique, but definitely, they are free, and one will charge you for stealing their music.

Craft Something New

Here you must think like business owners. People listen to your podcast to get entertained and get information. So summarizes your podcast description in a manner where it persuades audiences to listen to you.

So here, you can hold a podcast with Mix Interviews, solo episodes, and roundtable discussions. Also include segments like Q&A, listener’s feedback, etc.

Select the Best Editing Platform

How to start a podcast for beginners? That’s must be your question, so try podcast editing software; like Alitu, Hindenburg Journalist, GarageBand, Adobe Audition, etc. will allow you to publish from within a browser.These tools are very good for podcasters with no targeted audience right now.

Promote your Podcast in Social Media

Now, you have ensured everything to make your podcast competitive with other podcasts available with the same niche. Still, one thing to do is share your podcast episode’s crucial moment’s clip on social media. Mostly share in the relevant niche communities.

Bottom Line

Starting a podcast with no audience can seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategies, you can build a loyal following and attract new listeners.

Don’t be discouraged if your podcast doesn’t take off right away. It takes time and effort to build a following, but with perseverance, you can achieve success. Keep creating and connecting with your audience, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful podcaster.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your podcast today and share your voice with the world!