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Immersive Interaction Design, a new web trend

Web design is constantly changing and things that today are fashionable, tomorrow it could stay out of date. Thus, one of the latest trends is the most talked Immersive Interaction Design that immerses the user in the content, while seeking interaction.

Immersive Interaction Design

Some of the aspects that describe this new technique are:

Animation and transitions:
One of the points that define the Immersive Interaction Design are the animations and transitions on websites. These can include almost anything, from a small effect on steady state, until a large caricature of full screen that plays in the background. These animations are mostly the result of advances in HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

On the other hand, the main functions that tend to meet the animations on websites are: create animated notifications, disclose information, highlight content, define a special displacement, etc.

The second remarkable technique are WebGraphis, which are no more than the equivalent interactive design, and using tools such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to provide an interactive experience through color, type and slick animations.

Its overall function is to sue users an action, whether as simple as a click or more laborious, such as writing or touching an image on the screen. And its real power is that it does not involve any effort to integrate them into the navigation of users.

Micro interactions
It consists of a momentary event and which includes a single task, such as the sound of an alarm of our smartphone to notify us of any notice; or, notifications of the login in our portal banking or any online account.

Effects through layers
This technique seeks to create an interactive experience on web pages through the insertion of different layers. It is not the addition of a single effect, but the combination of effects, so that creates a very attractive design for users.

However, we must take special care with these techniques, as there is a fine line that separates the attractiveness of chaotic disorder on a website.

In short, it is a new type of design that seeks to capture the attention of users and immerse in its contents.