Ways to attract your ideal client to Instagram

Instagram is more than just a place to keep both your followers. It is a platform that can strengthen your brand if you bring a business for years or are just starting out.

attract ideal client to Instagram

The key to success is to create a community on Instagram. The interaction is everything; but this does not happen immediately. First, you need to talk and create a relationship before anything. Here are some common techniques and attitudes of the brands that are growing their business in Instagram.

Create a custom hashtag and tell people that use it

When you participate in a Google Hangout, podcast, online seminar, conference or live event, you must use your hashtag. To do this, you must tell people that use that hashtag on Instagram so they can communicate with you in one place.

The benefit of using the hashtag on Instagram is that you get a snapshot of the lives of your followers, as they can see yours. The key is to not only tell you what hashtag to use, but also what to do with it. For example, when you finish one conversation to tell people to take a snapshot and share on Instagram. When using your custom hashtag, your audience can access your content.

Delivers value in each Instagram post

It is not too good to talk to people about your products or services because they really don’t care, unless you are specifically looking for. Thats way you influence on Instagram.

Therefore, your content must be educational, that entertains, inspiring, informative, motivating and fun. The value that you want to convey is based on your industry and who are trying to attract.

Include a call to action. You need to tell them what you want to do

What do you do once discover your Instagram account? There are 2 options. In your biography, it is important to use your URL.

Many decide to bring people to your website, but you can change the link depending on what you’re looking for. For example, other places of value to which you can redirect it are to social networks, a page to register for an event, or your preference page.

It is advisable to put in your biography: “click on the following link to X”. Remember that a reminder is necessary to do whatever you want.

You can also include a call to action on each post. Write something like this “label to a friend who needs to see this” or “I like to give this photo if you agree with it”. This helps promote well your account to another target audience.

Tag people in your brands

When you upload a post, it is important to tag people or brands that are in the photo. Make things easy for them and offer them more valuable things.

Have a strategy of Instagram hashtag

Hashtags are simple. These are words or phrases that make your content easy for you find your ideal customer. The general hashtags are better to look for what a large group of people are doing.

The specific hashtags to a specific industry are best to attract your follower ideal for several reasons. The first, most used hashtags like “love” and “health” are used so often that the images move quickly downward. The second is that a specific hashtag is more likely to be searched for a specific person, your ideal client.

Tag the location of your post

When someone clicks on your location, they will see all your images of that place.

Share your posts on Facebook and then tag people there

In the Instagram app you have the option to share your post on other social platforms. That way, you get more visibility.

Selectively Tweet your Instagram posts

The Twitter audience is massive. And many people still do not have Instagram accounts. Share your Instagram posts on Twitter to attract attention in a crowded space. Note that you may have to shorten your post, the character limit is 140. Make sure you share entire post.

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Create a user name that can easily search and match with your Twitter user

It is important to choose optimal user name. There must be a relationship with your username so that they identify you and mention you easily. Do not include numbers and not use abbreviations. Use your full name or the name of your business.

Send direct messages from Instagram

A new feature of Instagram is the ability to send direct messages. You have the ability to send a message to the photo of a person or a group (up to 15 people).

You can offer an exclusive coupon or discount; send a response message that includes a free download that will make people will provide their emails, or a simple thank you for following.

Remember that not everything is mass appeal. It provides value for the ideal person you find and stay with you. It is possible to be successful in any business in Instagram any time you are clear of these concepts.