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WhatsApp as a marketing tool and how to use it

Do you know anyone who does not use WhatsApp? Sure you can count on the fingers of a hand, and it is probable that fingers still remain! Mobile messaging has gained ground to the calls since the SMS. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications, and that is an opportunity for businesses. If you want to know how to use it, we offer you 3 ideas to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool that can adapt to your business.

Attention to the personalized customer with WhatsApp
When we talk about customer with WhatsApp we do not mean you’re all day hanging from your mobile. It is best to follow some very basic guidelines:

  • Establishes a phone contact just for this purpose. Do not use this phone to receive calls, or customers could get used to call this number instead of the usual phones.
  • Use the WhatsApp web application to work more comfortably.
  • Establishes a schedule of attention that is reasonable for you, and announce it along with the number.

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Groups of customers in WhatsApp
WhatsApp groups are valid for small businesses where customers know each other. For example, a dance class or language that sends messages to their students.

The WhatsApp groups can be a little chaotic if performance standards are not established. The ideal is to be set aside for issues related to the company and that the administrator moderates when necessary. In some cases it may be better idea to use the broadcast lists.

WhatsApp broadcast lists
The broadcast lists are the great unknown of WhatsApp. These are similar to groups, bbut have important differences that make them interesting for companies:

  • Allow to send messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • The recipients receive the message individually and cannot chat with each other.
  • If a recipient wants to answer, you will receive an individual message.
  • For a recipient to receive your message must have your number stored on his agenda.

With the broadcast lists you can get offers and promotions to a large number of clients at the same time. But first you have to make sure that they keep your number, and that can be complicated to the principle.