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8 questions you should answer before renewing your web

A quality website is essential to develop a successful online marketing strategy. But a process of redesigning is always complicated, and some companies delay the time until there is no choice to undertake it.

Before starting it is convenient to make an initial audit that help set the course of the new project. We have put together a series of questions that you should ask in collaboration with your team.

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What are the major successes and errors in the current web?/h2>
If you are creating a new website it is sure to have lacks and problems to solve. That does not mean that everything is bad, sure your new website also has positive elements.

Start by doing an analysis of the favorable aspects and those needs to improve.

Do you need to renew your current website or just make some improvements in the design?

This is probably the most important question. If the design is outdated or the web is not adapted to mobile devices, change is required.

Do You want to keep your existing content management or prefer to use another?

Do you feel comfortable with your current manager? Do you have enough freedom to publish content without relying on technical staff?

What are you trying to achieve with the new website?

Redesigning a website is a long process and expensive enough to assume lightly. You should be clear about what you want to achieve, given your figures and current business analytics. It may be to adapt the website to new brand image, increase lead generation, and improve the usability…

What is the target audience?

The design of the web has to adapt to the characteristics of your target audience. It is not the same directed to a young client, that the senior public or families.

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Is it necessary to include some functionality that is not available on your website now?

If you miss any function that your current web does not offer, now is the time to consider it.

What features of the competition websites that you like most?

Some inspiration always good. Before renewing your web visit the main website of the competition and analyze them. Takes note of all the features that you would like for your site, and also what you don’t like. Investigate competitors is also good to know how to differentiate them.

Does the content is still valid or necessary to draft new texts?

In almost all processes of redesigning the texts also need adaptations as well. It may be because these are no longer updated or because the home or the menu will undergo a radical change, and it is necessary to adapt the texts also.