One in four sites using WordPress

It is a surprising fact. The fact that one of every four sites use WordPress shows the clear ascent that has had this CMS throughout recent years. And all this taking into account that from the beginning it has been one of the favorites by users. Now then, to corner 25 % of market is a number to which very few can aspire and WordPress has obtained it.

using wordpress

It is well known that WordPress has been a favorite choice by bloggers since the platform was born back in 2003. Its ability to evolve has been without doubt the point that has been given to him the supremacy over the rest of platform, and that through its many versions have gone by solving bugs and listening to the user community have been implementing a number of improvements that have made the experience of using this content management is the most satisfying.

There are several reasons why one in four websites using WordPress today, but there are several points that should be highlighted.

WordPress is no longer just a blog
The platform was born with the target to be the preference number one of bloggers, but for a while now, WordPress is no longer a platform for creating blogs and today we find a variety of corporate websites, landing pages, online magazines, creative portfolios and online shops. Its versatility and above all the great community behind it makes WordPress offers at design level a large catalog of options to design a web page. This point is crucial to understand why one in four websites using WordPress.

A large number of templates
For a while now we can find a large number of webpages that offer templates for WordPress, in order to have a design or another depending on what we want the web page that we are interested. This has greatly influenced many aspects but one has clearly been the most has been affected and it is economic. Many no longer call a designer or a design company to carry out the design of their website and they themselves are studying how to do it using WordPress and a template. It is true that where a professional can put, nobody gets, but many have seen this option, a way to save costs. However, the difficulty level has also grown and now not everyone is able to correctly configure the complex new templates that are appearing on the market. However, the cost savings and the theoretical ease to create a website make this a compelling reason to understand why a every four webs uses WordPress.

Large number of plugins
This is another of the great strengths to understand why one in four websites using WordPress. The amount of plugins that we have at our disposal is huge and we can always find one that does or develop the functionality we are looking to integrate into our website. In addition, many of them, with time and support of the WordPress community not just end up becoming the first choice for all users but end up being almost a standard.

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