Why your photos do not succeed in Pinterest

Pinterest is a perfect social network to transmit all the attributes of your brand. It’s fun, easy to use and to be visual marks messages are transmitted in an efficient manner.

succeed in pinterest

To achieve notoriety on Pinterest is not enough to Pin three or four photos from time to time. Brands must work with more continuity, and also start thinking about options to create photos on Pinterest.

The format matters, and much, on Pinterest
To achieve a brand images are disseminated on Pinterest, it is imperative to create them according to the characteristics of this social network.

This begins by adopting the vertical format, which is something that many companies are not used. If vertical images do not fit your web design, you can talk to your web designer to hide images designed for Pinterest. These only appear when you clicking on the Pin It button.

We recommend that Pinterest photos have a minimum width of 600 pixels but it is best if you create them at 735 pixels, which is the size you adopt when you click on them. If they are much smaller, it will not have good quality when enlarged.

There is no limit to the height of the images, but you are also not interest that are too long because it may be the case that you have to scroll to see them whole. This is very common in computer graphics, and it turns out to be quite annoying.

We recommend creating photo options with a size of 735 by 1102 pixels.

Use the text in your favor
The description of your images on Pinterest should always be complete, but you can not expect everyone carefully read what you’ve written.

Therefore it is advisable to create pictures with overprinted texts that encourage the user on Pinterest to enlarge them and turn to click on them to visit the source of the photo.

Do not share boring photos
People do not enter Pinterest to see boring images. Pinterest users expect to find content that inspire them, give them ideas or help them solve small problems of everyday life.

If you upload pictures of your product on a white background, without any context or without anything that would make the photo highlight, it will pass unnoticed.

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